GREEN HYSLAND is much more than a pilot project in Mallorca. It is also about showing all the potential of renewable hydrogen for the decarbonisation and economic development of islands in the European Union and across the world.

Several islands are directly involved in GREEN HYSLAND as project partners and will participate in an in-depth replication study of GREEN HYSLAND:

  • Madeira, Portugal
  • Tenerife, Spain
  • Aran, Ireland
  • Greek Islands
  • Ameland, Netherlands
  • Island of Chiloé, Chile
  • Morocco

Why should you be interested in the GREEN HYSLAND concept

  1. It offers a safe way to decarbonise your energy supply and all related sectors in the short term
  2. It can decrease fuel dependency from the mainland and reduce electricity costs
  3. You will be able to promote your island as a sustainable tourism destination
  4. It brings new employment and reskilling opportunities for islanders, boosting reindustrialization
  5. A H2 ecosystem represents a new economical vector for your island, developing its growth for the population;
  6. It can easily be integrated and fully aligned with existing climate and energy plans. This will be shown by the GREEN HYSLAND 2050 roadmap that will compile a long-term vision for the development of a widespread H2 economy in Mallorca and the Balearic Region, in line with the environmental objectives set for 2050.

How can you use the GREEN HYSLAND concept in your island/city/region?

  1. By registering to our newsletter to be informed of the latest progress of the project and to be invited to our upcoming events and webinars;
  2. By contacting and inform us how you would like to replicate the concept. We will then be able to give you further guidance and engage in further dialogue to guide you in the replication process.