3 questions to Power to Green Hydrogen Mallorca

3 questions to Power to Green Hydrogen Mallorca

Power to Green Hydrogen Mallorca (P2GH2M) officially joined the Green Hysland project as a fully-fledged partner this year. What is their role within the project? What are its main missions? Read on to have all the answers!


What is P2GHM and why was is created?

Power to Green Hydrogen Mallorca is a SPV –Special Purpose Vehicle–, in other words, a company specifically created to manage the photovoltaic plants in Petra and Lloseta, and the Lloseta hydrogen plant, and to commercialize the energy generated there.

Power to Green Hydrogen Mallorca is led by Enagás Renovable and ACCIONA Energía, and it counts with the participation of CEMEX and IDAE.

What is the role of P2GHM within the Green Hysland project?

Power to Green Hydrogen Mallorca is the SPV in charge of developing the construction of the electrolysis plant, the development of two photovoltaic plants to feed it, as well as a green hydrogen service station on the island of Mallorca. The SPV will operate these assets throughout their useful life.

The solar facilities, located in the municipalities of Lloseta and Petra, have a capacity of 8.5MW and 5.8MW respectively. Both produce the renewable energy needed for the green hydrogen plant, which will generate and distribute more than 300 tonnes of green hydrogen per year.

The SPV will manage energy flows, sustainability certificates, and guarantees of origin certificating the renewable character of the production from the photovoltaic plants and the hydrogen plant. Power to Green Hydrogen Mallorca is a key piece within the Green Hysland project, aiming to establish a green hydrogen ecosystem in Mallorca, as the company produces the renewable molecules that are ultimately consumed by users such as EMT Palma, Iberostar, and others.

P2GHM has an important role within Green Hysland, but its mission goes also beyond the scope of the project. Could you say more on this point?

Beyond the scope of the project, whose goal is to demonstrate the feasibility of a green hydrogen ecosystem in the Island of Mallorca, Power to Green Hydrogen Mallorca aims to produce green hydrogen (using electricity from renewable energy sources) and establish purchasing agreements for that hydrogen with end consumers, ensuring the project’s viability throughout the lifespan of the facilities. This is particularly crucial because while the Green Hysland project has a defined time horizon of about 5 years, Power to Green Hydrogen Mallorca will continue its operation beyond this timeline. The SPV will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the plants and all management associated with their regular operations.