Pilot site 5: Transport applications at EMT bus depot

Site 5 includes the deployment of the GREEN HYSLAND mobility applications, more specifically:

  • A first application on 5 FC-powered buses owned by the municipal bus company EMT;
  • A second application on 10 FC-powered vehicles for local public/logistics/leasing/car rental company use;
  • The deployment of a Hydrogen Refuelling Station (HRS) at the EMT bus depot in Palma, to cover both mobility applications demand (light vehicles and heavy duty transport);
  • The distribution infrastructure composed by a virtual pipeline infrastructure (including H2 trailers and associated H2 supply facility). All these applications will take place in Palma. The EMT bus depot is located next to Palma airport.

This site will be integrated with production capacity and distribution infrastructure from Site 1, with distribution/supply of H2 via tube trailers.

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