Pilot site 1: Lloseta Green H2 plant

Located in Lloseta, at a cement plant site owned by CEMEX, the site integrates hydrogen (H2) production through electrolysis, supplied by solar energy produced by two photovoltaic (PV) plants of new construction.. The electrolyser chosen is PEM (Proton-Exchange Membrane) technology, as its environmental impact is drastically reduced when compared to an alkaline electrolyser, which requires a chemical solution of KOH. The electrolyser was received and installed at plant on December 2021, and the first green H2 molecules have been produced already at the plant.

The strategic location of the site will allow direct large-scale H2 supply and local end-use for the 5 other sites of the project. The distribution infrastructure consists of a virtual pipeline (tube trailers) to deliver green H2 to all sites; plus a dedicated H2 pipeline to deliver H2 trough the gas grid injection point at Cas Tresorer (deployment site 3).

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