The TIPPING guide: innovation for islands

The TIPPING guide: innovation for islands

Looking to boost innovation on your island? Learn from the TIPPING method and download the guide for free now!

The Islands of Innovation is an EU Interreg project which seeks to help islands share innovation opportunities and learn from each other. As a matter, on top of facing climate change, islands also have to grapple with the loss of population, isolation, vulnerable environments and limited economic activity.

Through the project, remote islands have addressed the opportunities of diversification of their economies by improving their innovation policies. By improving public policies, Islands of Innovations have turned islands into innovation-promoting vessels, which keeps and attracts young, innovative and entrepreneurial people and activities to islands. This has been done through policy improvement, learning sessionsaction plan developmentbest practices and the active work of regional shareholders.

The TIPPING Guide is the end result of the project, which disseminate the knowledge gained by the participatory islands from The Netherland, Denmark, Portugal, Estonia, France and Greece.

In sum, the TIPPING guide features:

  • 10+ Islands
  • 35+ Projects
  • 1 Interactive tool

What can you use the guide for?

The TIPPING Guide is used to assess islands’ local and regional innovation governance.

You can use it to:

  • Benchmark between islands or part of an island.
  • Compare the status quo with a desired future, aka “the dream”.
  • Create a new or revised policy program with a focus on engagement-oriented projects.
  • Build innovation and teams for municipalities and regions.
  • Develop multi-sector actions plans on topics like energy, water, transport, agriculture, circular economy, tourism, emerging technology, and more.
  • Spark a “dancefloor” for policy innovation