Critical technologies for islands’ energy transition

Critical technologies for islands’ energy transition

Based on the NESOI survey conducted last year, the NESOI partners produced a report outlining the critical technologies for energy transition on islands.

Starting from the results of the co-creation survey prepared last year,  NESOI partners carried out a technology scouting to identify the critical technologies that could boost the energy transition in islands and be promoted through the NESOI platform as well as identify relevant stakeholders with the capabilities and interest to invest in energy related projects on islands. In this framework a market technology research was performed, and weaknesses and strengths of existing players/technology clusters were assessed.

The analysis of the results of the Survey were organized into clusters of critical technologies. Each of the identified technology clusters was thoroughly analyzed in terms of a scenario analysis, depicting main trends in terms of publications in patent literature, geographical areas of interest and main players.

A technology scouting followed where the technology cluster (or the technologies pertaining to the identified cluster) were analysed highlighting latest developments and commercial or active pilot or demonstrating projects available (further enlarging main players identified in the scenario analysis).

At the end a SWOT analysis was reported for each of the analyzed technology clusters which summarises and compares the main characteristics of the analyzed technologies in terms of  parameters like: Technology Readiness Level, Cost Factors, Potential interest of stakeholders etc. 

The Projects cited in the survey were classified in 4 main categories, according to their main objectives: Energy Efficiency Projects, Renewable Energy Projects, Sustainable Mobility Projects and Energy Management Projects

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Source: NESOI