Island Innovation

Island Innovation

Connecting Islands for Positive Change

Our mission is to drive sustainable change across islands and rural areas worldwide. We aim to promote economic growth, a healthy environment and good governance. This improves the social and environmental conditions within remote and rural communities, in addition to creating a stronger and more cohesive global support network for all island regions.

About Us

We are a global network that connects island stakeholders through digital communication and events.

Our platform helps drive sustainable change across island and rural communities by sharing innovative projects and best practice.

Island Innovation is a social enterprise that works with private sector companies, governments, universities, NGOs and utilities to connect them with the island stakeholders vital to the success of their sustainability projects.

Our community and partners

  • 10,000 virtual island registrations
  • 127,000 community members
  • +300 island ambassadors
  • 10 academic partners
  • 25,000 newsletter readers
  • +100 articles published
  • +40 partner institutions
  • 38 government speakers

Our services

Island Innovation offers a range of services to island stakeholders including:

  • Marketing services
  • Sustainability consulting
  • Virtual event management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Remote worker programs
  • Academic reports andwhitepaper research

Discover more about Island Innovation

Apply for the Island Innovation Awards

Apply for the Island Innovation Awards

After receiving many requests, Island Innovation decided to extend the deadline for applications for its Island Awards to February 15th!

Virtual Island Summit 2021

Virtual Island Summit 2021

Sharing Knowledge For Resilient, Sustainable And Prosperous Islands Worldwide.