Apply for the Island Innovation Awards

Apply for the Island Innovation Awards

After receiving many requests, Island Innovation decided to extend the deadline for applications for its Island Awards to February 15th!


In partnership with the Clinton Global Initiative, the Island Innovation Awards will recognize individuals, organizations and technologies driving positive change for remote and island communities globally.

  • There will be 12 award categories judged by an esteemed Jury.
  • Organizations and individuals across remote, rural and island communities will have the opportunity to apply.
  • The selection and judging will be a highly transparent process, ensuring the integrity of the process and validating the winners.
  • The focus of the awards will be on sharing the how of success from the winners, so other communities may benefit.

After receiving many requests, Island Innovation decided to extend the deadline: applications will be open until February 15th! You can nominate someone or apply for the awards if any of the 12 categories are applicable. We want to make sure that unsung heroes are recognised!

Award Categories

  1. Future Island Leader Award
  2. Island Innovator Award
  3. Women SDG Leadership Award
  4. Most Impactful Island Innovation Ambassador
  5. Sustainable Energy Initiative of the Year
  6. Resilient Island Award
  7. COVID-19 response award
  8. Blue Economy initiative award
  9. Sustainable Company of the Year
  10. Most Transformational Government Sustainability Initiative of the Year
  11. Green Finance and Investment Award
  12. Innovative Island Research Award