How Green Hysland will make the Port of Palma self-sufficient

How Green Hysland will make the Port of Palma self-sufficient

The Port of Palma is one of the 6 Pilot Sites of Green Hysland, managed by partner Ports de Balears (Port Autority of Baleares). One of the Port’s buildings will soon be equipped with photovoltaic panels and a green hydrogen battery to provide heat and electricity to the ferry terminal.


The building concerned, the Palma Port Terminal 4, already has the most modern energy saving measures and accessibility standards in place, with 72% of its water consumption covered by solar thermal panels. Soon, it will be enlarged by up to 3000 m3 in order expand the services offered to cruise and regular line passengers, with the improvement of the baggage handling area and the disembarkation flow.

The Terminal will also become energy self-sufficient, thanks to the placement of a green hydrogen fuel cell and the installation of photovoltaic panels. The PV panels will be installed on the roof and the fuel cell will be fixed to the building to produce electricity and heat.

It will benefit from a new construction method allying thermal insulation, double-circuit mechanical ventilation system, air tightness, absence of thermal bridges, high-performance carpentry, air tightness air absence of thermal bridges. This will lead to different design, construction and building management procedures and in turn, greater energy efficiency.

With these actions, the Balearic Port Authority plans to gradually decarbonise all the maritime stations it manages in the five ports and to cover their activities through renewable energies, becoming a regional and national leader in the field.