GTI e-Convention

GTI e-Convention

8th edition of the Greening the Islands e_Convention International Conference and Exhibition


Dates: 19-21 October 2021

The Greening The Islands e_Convention – International Conference and Exhibition, reaches its 8th edition. The well-known virtual event entirely dedicated to islands’ self-sufficiency and sustainability will take place on October 19-20-21 and focus on how policy and finance need to sit at the same table with sustainable technological innovation and with joint efforts can become drivers for islands’ sustainable growth.

The 2020 edition has explored the role of islands as laboratories for innovation and leaders in a green recovery. One year later the context has evolved: as coronavirus vaccines and stimulus packages begun to phase in, the world prepares to build back better and what was an intention must now become a reality. The 8th GTI e_Convention, culmination of the GTI Observatory’s work, endeavors to make this come true starting from the islands and their best practices protagonists of the GTI Awards, which as usual will close the global event.

Each GTI Observatory Task Force on floating offshore wind power, storage and smart grids, sustainable agriculture, policies and business models for bicycle promotion and sustainable tourism will host a dedicated workshops. Furthermore, other training sessions will be provided, with top global experts deepening the most advanced solutions for common islands challenges spanning topics like wave energy, sustainable maritime transport and ports electrification, and waste management.

The International Conference will offer a focus on national, regional and international tenders and calls for innovation with the objective of promoting coalitions of high-expertise institutions, industry associations, corporates, academia and civil society. The networking is encouraged during the entire event and can continue before and after through the innovative GTI App, the first social network dedicated to islands.

The GTI e_Convention will promote private-public partnerships and cover all the 17 SDGs of the 2030 United Nations Agenda with a specific focus on the particular needs of islands communities.