Green hydrogen: an opportunity for islands’ decarbonisation

Green hydrogen: an opportunity for islands’ decarbonisation

Join Green Hysland at the GTI e-Convention on 19th October for an exciting workshop on green hydrogen and opportunities for islands.


Due to their isolation and lack of infrastructure, islands often suffer from high energy dependency. In this context, green hydrogen offers a compelling solution to harness the full power of locally produced renewable energy and increase self-sufficiency through energy storage. Several projects are already paving the way for islands to use green hydrogen and accelerate their decarbonisation.

For example, In Orkney Islands, Scotland, BIG HIT has developed a fully integrated model of hydrogen production, storage, transportation and utilisation for heat, power and mobility that is now being replicated at larger scale in Mallorca, Spain, through the Green Hysland project. In Green Hysland, green hydrogen from solar energy will be produced and delivered to end users such as the island’s tourism, transport, industry and energy sectors, including gas grid injection for green heat and power local end-use.

In this workshop, participants will also discover HEAVENN, a large-scale demo project bringing together core elements of the hydrogen sector in Northern Netherlands, and others in order to understand the potential of green hydrogen for islands’ decarbonisation, and discuss how these case studies can be replicated. Ultimately, the workshop will address the following questions: What is the technology and how is it used in islands? How can we unlock more green hydrogen projects for islands? What are the cost trends and the business models

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This workshop will take place in the framework of the GTI e-Convention, a global event dedicated to the innovative solutions for the self-sufficiency and sustainability of islands.