Power to Green Hydrogen Mallorca wins most innovative business Award

Power to Green Hydrogen Mallorca wins most innovative business Award

It was the fourteenth edition of the Cinco Días Awards organized by the Spanish newspaper of the same name, which has become a key event for the business sector.


The 2021 Cinco Días Award for the most innovative business project in the field of new technologies goes to the renewable hydrogen initiative Power to Green Hydrogen Mallorca, led by Green Hysland coortinator Enagás and project partner Acciona, and in which Cemex and IDAE also participate. The jury highlighted “the great impact it has on the Balearic Islands” by representing “a comprehensive transformation to decarbonize”. In addition, they emphasized that it is “a project in which several companies have joined, which adds complexity and endows it with a collective ambition that is an example of efficiency in working together”.

Power to Green Hydrogen Mallorca involves the construction of an electrolysis plant, the development of two photovoltaic plants to power (which started last summer), and a Green Hydrogen service station on the island. The solar plants, located in the municipalities of Lloseta and Petra, will have a capacity of 6.9 and 6.5 MW respectively. They will produce enough renewable energy for the green hydrogen plant, which will generate and distribute more than 300 tonnes of H2 per year.

Green hydrogen will drive the decarbonization of the Balearic Islands through a range of applications: the supply of fuel for public buses and hire car fleets; the generation of heat and energy for public and commercial buildings, and the supply of auxiliary power to ferries and other port operations.

Furthermore, part of this renewable hydrogen will be mixed with natural gas and injected into the island’s gas network, which will reduce CO2 emissions from this source of fuel. This industrial project is the core element in the Green Hysland project.

The Cinco Días Awards for Business Innovation has become a key event of the Spanish business environment. To the success in the reception of candidatures, we must add the confluence of first-rate attendees to the ceremony gala, as well as their broad representation, both from the public and institutional areas and from the private sector. The rapid positioning of the Cinco Días Awards for Business Innovation is not only an indicator of the newspaper’s prestige, but also of the interest aroused by innovation, a concept understood by Cinco Días as value.

The 2021 edition was already the fourteenth. There are five categories: most innovative business project in the technological field, most innovative business initiative in corporate social responsibility, most innovative business action linked to the university, most innovative start-up, and most innovative Manager.